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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 2, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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vemir flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. phone and i-pod robberies on the city's south side. it afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. nancy loo is live on the south side with more >>there were two attacks last
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night one was here at this bus stop >>someone had me from behind upside the head >>this man said he was just waiting for a bus at south shore just after 8:00 last night when he was jumped from behind by at least five guys >>i tried to fight back with my cane ... >>the cain was not enough to prevent the gang from taking off with the man's i-pod and cellphone though one of the suspect's came back to return the phone and the bus pass >>katy 762 blocks away there was another victim robbed of his wallet >>the first victim help the police to identify to the three suspects that in no being held
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>>i told them it was a stupid thing to do jump on somebody like that >>the man suspected that the suspects were seeking revenge for something and was a case of mistaken identity >> columbia college is issuing a warning after a student was robbed of his cell phone on the cta blueline police say that the student was threatened when five men surrounded him sing there would shoot him if he did not hand over his phone it happened to 30 in the morning on monday when the student boarded a northbound train at the jackson stop to the school is reminding students to take safety measures telling students not to display expensive devices and avoid traveling alone. a warning on the northwest side police are looking for a group of men pretending to be chicago police officers getting into homes. there the three incidents
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in irving park, jefferson park and the north may fare neighborhoods on sunday on west gunnison avenue a man flashed a badge and said there was a robbery in progress in the parking area a fake cop told residents to hide in the kitchen he then started to rummage through the house the homeowner became suspicious and she called police >>when i picked up the phone someone said she's calling the cops and they took off >>the fake police left without taking anything police said they drove away in a dark red s u v or a navy blue town and country minivan >>visitation is being held today and tomorrow for a teenage girl murdered last week in her home in indian head park. 14 year-old kelly o'laughlin was found stabbed to death last thursday when she apparently walked in on a burglar police are circulating a composite sketch and appealing for help from the public has a search for the killer food
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investigators have checked out more than a hundred lead so far as $60,000 reward is being offered for information her funeral will be held todafriday. a youth minister at a church in northwest suburban rimbaud is accused of indecent solicitation of child. 39 year-old barry caudle was caught and arrested yesterday at the first assembly of god church in marengo police say that he solicited an undercover police officer who was posing on on his 14 year-old girl in rock island he's being held on hundred and $50,000 bond the church says it plans to fully cooperate with the pending investigation >>nearly six years after runway accident that left a young child dead the city of chicago is taking new steps to improve safety at midway airport muriel clair has a live report >>this business has been in the
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community around midway airport and the owner expressed unhappiness at the thought of being bought out for the advanced runway protection zone ... customers of the store are not holding back >>this is a rendezvous spot for myself and for my family this will be messed this place >>the food is good year the prices are reasonable we hate to see it go if they want to expand the airport they should go the other way ... >>this proposed acquisition of property comes six years after that southwest airlines accident
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where the jet skidded off a runway into traffic killing a 6 year-old boy who was in the car with his parents ... in addition to sammy's restaurant a gas station and another building will be demolished to make way for air pairport use these acquisitions are critical not just for the runway protection zones but to also improve the navigation for the approach path to the runway ... wikileaks founder julian assange loses his extradition fight to sweden to answer sex crime allegations >>and a baby bombshell for justin bieber fans the shocking claims from a 20 year-old woman that could put her in trouble with the law >>and later chicago alderman
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debate on cutting the penalty for being caught with marijuana
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wikileaks editor julian assange is facing extradition to sweden to face questioning of the sec's allegations. he says he's considering his neck steps after losing an appeal to stand united kingdom. he's accused of sexually assaulting two women in sweden in 2010. he has not been charged with any crime. julian assange denies the accusations calling in an attempt to smear him. wikileaks has published hundreds of thousands of classified u.s. documents relating to the iraq and afghanistan wars. >>a u.s. army soldier is in
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custody on suspicion of spying. army specialist william millay is a military policeman at a base and alaska. last friday the arrest as a result of a joint espionage investigation by the fbi and army counterintelligence special agents an army spokesman said the charges are expected this week. >>the congressional super committee charged with reducing the federal deficit is entering what chairwoman patty murray calls the critical final phase of its quest the joint select committee on deficit-reduction is try to find at least one-half trillion dollars in cuts by november 23rd during a public hearing yesterday the committee listened to details onto bipartisan plans that include medicare savings new revenue and lowering the cost of living increases for pensioners and social security recipients. >>republican hopeful herman cain now admits that two women were
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paid to keep quiet about their sexual harassment allegations. herman cain initially denied the claims he has changed his story a bit since then ... he has admitted that one of the women received a large severance pay after complaining of inappropriate behavior. but earlier today things turned tense when reporters tried asking herman cain all about it. >>the woman in question is asking to be released from a confidentiality agreement so that she could tell her side of the story. herman cain has not seen a drop in the polls since the news broke his campaign said it actually saw an increase in fund raising more than $400,000 since that story broke. >>closing arguments will begin tomorrow in the conrad murray trial. yesterday conrad murray
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decided not to take the stand in his own defense. but he waited until the last possible second before informing the judge of his plan not to testify michael jackson's family members had waited in the courtroom waiting to see if he would speak prosecutors claim that conrad murray gave jackson that fatal dose of propofal which ended his life conrad murray's attorneys argue that jackson gave himself that fatal dose. >>justin bieber could be a father ... 20 year-old mariah yaeter from california claims a 17 year-old justin bieber is the father of her son the child is now 3 months old she was asked to go backstage in a concert los angeles last year where they had sex in a bathroom allegedly according to her lawsuit she once justin bieber to take a paternity test and provide adequate support for the child his legal team denies those
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claims because the incident would have taken place year ago when he was to 16 it raises the question of whether the alleged sexual encounter qualifies as statutory rape ... >>the man who predicted the war and of the world was coming last month admits that he was wrong christian broadcaster harold camping predicted that the apocalypse was coming on may 21st when nothing happened he change that date to october 21st he cities reviewing the bible in checking is working after nothing happened again he is not apologizing for his mistakes incessantly as people learning to be more humble before god >>we will be rig
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on beejal patel with bloomberg news live from the cme group in chicago with a look at
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today's business headlines there are some big moves the career education stock price is way down the schaumburg based for- profit education company admits to improper student placement practices the ceo quit yesterday and they're losing students in droves to the tune of 12% in the last year ... the traditional running of the bride's at filene's basement will be no more the retailer is going into liquidation filing bankruptcy. filene's basement will hold going out of business sales before black friday >>if imf global used client
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funds to make trades the securities experts are saying that the top executives should go to jail and be charged >>the european leadership is telling grease that there is no plan be if they don't go along with the plan they will default >>the adp employment report is showing that more jobs were created in the private sector in october.
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do you know a co-worker who has the need to lead ... even though they're not the designated person in charge this still feel the need to take control jennifer weigel of trib-u is here with some advice on dealing with the need to lead co-worker ... >>sometimes it depends on the task ... but what the experts are saying is that the team needs to be assessed for individual strengths and weaknesses before anyone gets assigned to lead >>there's also a reason why certain people always want to be in charge >>one of the experts say that it could trace back to a fear that
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they have ... so they put on a show. it possibly could be over compensation or it could be a child and security coming to lighthood insecurity coming to light ... it doesn't have to do necessarily with birth order either >>there are some tips to look for co: >>observed patterns if it happens too often you have to face it called amountall them out.
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>>you should not take it personally >>this by trying if he tried to talk to them fine but you should not feel like you can't changecould change this trait in a person. >>you might have to take yourself off the team. to read more on this topic head
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over to chicago tribune that com/trib-u. coming up next the town of naperville abruptly decides to turn off its red light cameras we have that story next and later in the medical watch the preventable at the epidemic that is killing 15,000 people in the united staged everystates every year. their music has been played on several hit television shows we have live music this midday from the new york based rock act kill the alarm they're performing tonight at schuba's
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council moved to get rid of its red light cameras the cameras were set up to catch speeding motorists at three different locations last night the naperville city council voted 4- 4 on the issue but a majority was needed to keep those cameras. the cameras will be taken offline when the contract expires january 3, 2002 of those cameras are on route 59 and one is that ogden and north avenue naperville's manager said that the city will lose money and its budget deficit will increase >>public hearings begin tonight on a city council plan to revamp the city's 50 wards the first hearing will be held from 6-9 at the north park village
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administration building on north pulaski road a second hearing takes place tomorrow night at the grand high-school auditorium on westwood nancy avner there will not be a proposed map to review 33rd ward alderman richard mell says the hearings are only to get public input the city must redraw its wards every 10 years to reflect changes in population >>it's been a busy day at the chicago city council hearing alderman are working on several issues including mayor emmanuel's proposed budget and a controversial ordinance on marijuana possession >>several of the alderman 28 to be exact co-authored a letter to the mayor telling him that while they appreciate the need for budget cuts they urge him to make thoughtful decisions in the process >>knowing it will be a tough year for budget balancing their
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wanted to advise the mayor on certain cuts >>we're concerned about mental health certain city workers and overtime and especially library cuts in certain wards they are good centers for at risk kids >>instead of facing jail time ... those caught with possession less than 10 ounces of marijuana will receive a fine and community service sentence those fines will also serve to be a good source of revenue for the city. in another area the
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alderman won all stores over 5000 square feet to stop using plastic grocery bags >>the business community should be 100 percent behind this with progressive thinking >>if the marijuana ordnances written after it passes in several weeks if it does pass the penalty for being caught with 10 g or less would be $200 plus community service time >>please stay with us we will have the tom skilling forecast after the break
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we have the warmest open to november in the last 10 years yesterday. remember we have to turn the clock back this weekend at two in the morning on sunday we go back one hour ... we are expecting 65 degrees today. we have not yet had an official frost. here in the city anyway ... but we do have a big storm marching in our direction it has produced a blizzard on the high plains and western plains states in colorado and wyoming.
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nature does not like these big temperature spreads we are seeing across the country so therefore we will be getting some storm activity ... let's look at the temperature change ... colorado and wyoming have the second a snowstorm they have seen in one week.
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52 is the temperature on the lake at the moment. we will get stormy the wind will shift from the southwest to the northwest tonightheasttonight. there will be rain overnight tomorrow morning we will still see the rain and the drive down lake shore drive will be a wild one as the waves will be lapping up on the michigan.
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showers will come into the area tonight before the moment the metro area is dry. at about seven this evening the rain will hit the northern suburbs by midnight it will enter the city by morning we will have howling northeast wind and rain for the morning rush hour at about 8:00 it will still be raining by noon and then the clouds will break but it will leave us with a gray and windy day for the afternoon tomorrow.
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there are all kinds of advisories' going on to the west of us this santa ana winds are happening in southern california. there is concern over wild fires out there. there is a big buckle in the jet stream ... the second change will bring some warm air to our area by the weekend we will be back into the 60 degree mark.
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we will and this week on a sunni note.ny note. we're looking at a prediction of where snow will accumulate ... lots happening in canada. howard chilly weather arrives when the snow happens to the west of us. in the short term we will see some temperature dips but it's nothing like the colder air that will be coming in over the next several weeks. we should lose
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about 16-20 degrees this month. days like today are a real bonus the high will be 65 degrees. cloudy blustery sharply cooler tonight with chilly rain overnight. wind gusts will be over 30 mi. per hour by the morning rain will continue through the lunch hour. high- temperature tomorrow will be 48 degrees. that will leave us with a beautiful day for friday at 55 degrees mostly sunny and dry. we may get another chance of showers on saturday but temperatures will be at about 60 degrees for the weekend
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it's time now for today's trivia: explore henry hudson claimed territory in the new world for which european country? the answer will [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups it's back to more pain back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] get money saving coupons at
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theo epstein introduced the key parts of his front office, and says that the cubs job was much more attractive when he knew he could reunite with his friends from boston. jed hoyer and jason mcleod were the with the red sox for both of their world series titles and they have both had some success in san diego in the last two years jed hoyer will run eight day-to-day operation as general manager and expects to expand the cubs from office
12:40 pm
theo epstein still has to meet with carlos zambrano but he does not expect aramis ramirez to return they'll met with manager mike quade for seven hours and will decide his fate later this week ... >>we did a good job of presenting our position in reaching consensus >>now to the chicago bears their returned to hallas hall in preparation for two games that could decide their playoff fate. the likely fight for a wild-card spot with six other teams including the philadelphia eagles and the lions with two wins the bears will be tied for second place in the nfc north receiver earl bennett will return from injury this monday night against the eagles walt lance louis will get the start over gabe creamy who is still recovering
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here's your live illinois tryinlottery drawing >>here are the winning pick three numbers: 0 8 0 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 0 1 2 8
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lethal overdoses of prescription drugs like mugsy code on methadone and vicodin have tripled in the united states over the past decade the cdc reports painkillers now account for more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined >>rural and poor areas tend to have the highest prescription drug overdose death rates and last year 12 million americans reported taking prescription painkillers for recreational use not because of a medical
12:45 pm
condition. >>drinking even a small amount of alcohol regularly could increase the risk of breast cancer researchers writing in the journal of the american middle coal association followed more than 100,000 people over 28 years the reports that drinking between three and six small glasses of wine a week was linked to a 15% bracket increase in breast cancer risk experts said the cutting down on alcohol could reduce that risk >>
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show us how to make one of the restaurant's most popular new fall dishes ... it's a butternut squash ravioli it's fairly simple >>we begin with fresh butternut squash we cut it in half and roasted for 30 minutes in the oven with all boil salt and pepper we just wanted to get
12:49 pm
tender we let that cool and we've put the pulp in a food processor to that we had whole milk ricotta cheese cinnamon a little bit of parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste ... we will blend that ... >>when i make homemade ravioli i find that they tear after a boil them ...
12:50 pm
you have to be careful that there are no air pockets when you press the ravioli covers over the filling we're going to take a sheet of the ravioli pasta and a big dollop of the filling you want to press around a filling it's ok if a little bit pops out you can even use an egg wash to seal it better ... we will gently
12:51 pm
slide those into the boiling water at a little bit of olive oil and some salt ... now the sauce we have whole sage leaves with some butter and allow a little bit of diced butter not roasted squash that we had before city won reserve a little bit and chop it ... and then we will add little bit of the cheese ... and we have a permit gionoparmesan cream sauce with salt and pepper parmesan cheese and some heavy cream you can also
12:52 pm
add a touch of gorgonzola cheese when the ravioli is finished boiling it floats to the top ... >>just fabulous ... is a big event in downtown wheaton it's the downtown wheaton association third annual chili cookoff that will beat this saturday between
12:53 pm
one and 5:00 p.m. in downtown wheaton and there will be 11 restaurants that will be competing for the title we won last year but if you like to come to the restaurant the ivy restaurant is located at 120 north hale street in wheatenon thank you so much priambrian
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there is an autumn storm out west which can change our weather here dramatically. there is rain to the northwest but that will settle into the city by midnight and will spread over the rest of the area toward morning we have rain up to lunchtime tomorrow morning with wind. we will have a gorgeous friday on the way. but wind will be a big factor. tomorrow morning at will be over 43 mi. per hour 30 mi. per hour here. we will be in the 40's much of tomorrow. the wind will result in a slowdown on friday lots of
12:57 pm
sunshine and another round of wind comes in for the weekend but that will bring warmer air and we will be in the '60s saturday and sunday. the rain does not fall uniformly it will be interesting to see how much we will get rockford may get 1 in. ... we may reach 50 degrees by tomorrow afternoon but most areas will be in the upper forties mar night will be down to the 30's we will be into the '50s on friday with lots of sunshine with light wind. things will warm up by saturday.
12:58 pm
here you see the temperature graphics: don't forget that the clocks go back sunday morning to in the morningat 2:00 a.m. so set those swatches before it go to bed saturday night. we thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon. we are leaving you with more live music from the group chilly alarm they are performing tonight here in chicago schubas
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